The BORA - hansgrohe lifestyle

Good health is everything


BORA – hansgrohe represents a natural, performance-optimising diet and good health. These form the fundamental basis for sustainable athletic success. But our lifestyle means more to us than well balanced, healthy diet, it is more a kind of bethinking to the basics. The essence of physical performance, based on what nature provides purely, naturally. Besides diet this mind set is also the basis for a special physical feeling. It means to listen to and understand the body and its signals regarding training and workload, and to react individually. As a consequence, we are able to deliver the best individual performance. 



Diet recommendations BORA - hansgrohe

Here you find the diet recommendations of our teams chefs. A must have for every perfomance orientated "foodie".


Grilled spiced pineapple with coconut crisps and coconut & lime yogurt
Asian summer rolls with salmon
Steak and sweet potato fries with healthy barbecue sauce
Grilled peach with spelt crumble, honey and rosemary
Aubergine Towers with goat's cheese, pistachios, mint and dried figs
Salmon cubes with green asparagus and a dill dressing
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